Happy 29th Anniversary to my mom and dad. These two are my definition of a true relationship and my true role models. Their incredible love story started during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan back in 1982 when they were forced to flee Afghanistan and into refugee camps in Pakistan. One morning in Pakistan, my mom walks to school with her sisters and my dad happens to pass by at the same time. All of a sudden their eyes lock and my dad’s face immediately starts turning red. His nervousness causes him to walk faster and out of sight. Over the next four days, my dad waits for my mom at the same place they initially met. He greets her and they go about their way. On that fifth day, my dad waits for my mom but she doesn’t show. My dad spends numerous days after waiting for her and to no avail. About a year later, my dad is granted immigration to the United States and into Houston, TX where he works mopping floors at Wendy’s fast food restaurants. For two years, he walks 26 miles a day working full time at minimum wage to build a life for himself. One evening, he comes home from work to find a friend waiting for him outside. His friend tells him that the Afghan girl he met in Pakistan now lives in Los Angeles with her family. The very next day, my dad quits his job, packs his bags, and drives to Los Angeles. He knocks on the door and my grandma opens to find a nervous young Afghan man outside. On August 23, 1986, my dad married my mom and the rest became history | #TrueStory #RelationshipGoals #HappyAnniversary #ILoveYou #MomAndDad



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