Today, September 2, 2015 was a very difficult day for me. This afternoon, we laid to rest the young body of a beautiful soul whose future in our world was halted immediately to be closer to God. Her time on earth was very limited in that every single memory quickly became that much more special to her family and friends. At times, we fail to recognize our time on earth is also limited and it is a priority to live our lives in an optimal state of well being. Tragedy happens on a regular basis to different people in this world. However, tragedy struck our Afghan community with force and when we least expected it. My greatest appreciation is how fast our community came together to help her family progress through an unbearable time. This is our life, our test of humanity, and ultimately our test of faith. After all, we can only move forward in life. The sun has set here in the Bay Area and I pray to God I have an opportunity to wake up for another day. Rest in peace Medina | #NoHashtags



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