They always tell us we’re only born once. I like to think of it every single day. Birthdays are not every year, but every single day. When God allows you to wake up from your sleep, it is a commandment to seize the opportunity to breathe again, take every single day, and create your life as it is a work of art. It has to be beautiful and only you will know it’s true beauty because it is your creation. Some people, at the exact moment you read this, sadly, will not have the opportunity to breathe air on earth again. It’s not just my birthday, but every single person’s birthday because we share this earth together and we are allowed to live another day. Today is a work of art just like any other day. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for all the birthday wishes. We all celebrate my birthday together. And as always, I wish you, my friends, my family, the best life has to offer | #October5 #FromMyHeart #LoveZo



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