The “game” of trophy hunting has left innocent orphaned elephants psychologically traumatized. Their mothers and fathers were gunned down by poachers and thrill hunters right before their eyes in an instant. And all they could do was stay and grieve next to their lifeless parent. Terrified of anything with a heart beat, they resisted to any heartbeat for fear of being killed. They were eventually saved by an amazing group of people called The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, Kenya. In time, these baby orphans grew fond of their saviors. An elephant never forgets. Neither does a human | #AnAfricanLoveStory #DSWT #StopTrophyHunting #StopPoaching #Fostering #Conservation #Earth #OurPlanet #Live #Life #Harmony #NotForProfit #OneHeart #ManyForms 



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