Once upon a time, we used to be kids. We used to bicycle to each other’s houses because no one had cell phones. We used to play football and cause concussions because we had precise high speed “ball to nose” accuracy. We used to punt basketballs out of frustration from losing. We used to trespass into each other’s houses and frame burglaries because it was fun to see the owner walk into the house swinging a steel baseball bat. We’re not kids anymore. Now, it’s about relocating to another city, career, school, marriage, and kids. But those memories will always live within us and we will always be brothers. No matter what | #KhanWedding2015 #BoysInTheHood #MeridienCourt #JamesLoganHighSchool #Westside #UnionCity #LoganBasketball #LoganFootball #Concussion #WheresPat #TheyDontWantMeTo #LoveZo



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