One day iA, my son or daughter will ask their father to tell a story of the past. He will look back and stop at March 25, 2016, because that day will always make him smile. That three days changed his life forever. That his family had expanded 450 plus fold around the world. That the world is an incredibly beautiful place because of his family. That his heart will always serve his brothers and sisters. And that my son or daughter should be very proud to be Afghan-American | #AACAM16 #UCLA #LosAngeles #California #Afghan #American #Community #Networking #Empowerment #Leadership #Health #Gender #Responsibility #Afghanistan #Lolliprops #BraveSpace #IDontHaveKidsTho


If you love culture, history, and excellent weather you’ll love living in Malta. 18th Century Renovated Palazzo. Offered at € 4,200,000 | #Sothebys #VentureSIR


La vita è un sogno meaning life is just a dream. Located in Genoa, Italy. Price available upon request | #Sothebys #VentureSIR


It must be Thursday | #Sothebys #VentureSIR


It is true what they say. People enter your life for a reason. And that you can’t help but feel their perspective and vision about life as their experiences flood your mind with infinite implications. It’s an incredibly difficult feeling to ignore yet increasingly synergizes your life with theirs into a future of indirect cooperation. A truly phenomenal power that some people hold. Honestly, we don’t know much about the future but we can never ignore a person’s experiences because ultimately that will define who we become | #LoveZo 


One of a kind waterfront paradise located in Escondido, CA | #Sothebys #VentureSIR