Exactly one year ago today, my world shattered into a trillion pieces when I received that phone call auntie. I sat on my bed after and let my heart fall deep into darkness. Forgive me for allowing those tears to flow, for I am only human. You educated me not to cry, and to be a good man, a good role model, and a brother to Russell and Raffi. And until the day I stop breathing, they will always have an older brother, no matter what. Auntie, can you believe Russell is aspiring to become a computer scientist soon iA? And that Raffi can cook some amazing dishes from scratch mA. And that I found that gorgeous townhouse for you near Marina Del Rey. It has a beautiful view of the harbor and I think we can get a really good deal. A little secret between me and you, but I have a picture of you smiling in my phone. That smile, wow. That smile keeps me going every single day. You know, you have embedded your soul deep in my heart. My heart is beating again, auntie. And for that I am forever grateful to you. I love you so much and I cannot wait to tell you a story… | #RestInPeace #FrozanSarwary #LoveZo



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