Where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar. And even for less romantic hearts, open waters are often a representation of freedom and the sensational mysteries of the world, lying out there, waiting to be discovered. More than the eye appeasing view, waterfront living offers a heart appeasing lifestyle, allowing the mind to wander while the heart remains anchored at home | #LoveZo #Sothebys #VentureSIR

Solitude is the chosen separation for refining the soul. That time is coming soon… | #Sothebys #VentureSIR

Embrace and welcome your life with open arms.Make an inventory of your present life.Renew your great mind with a positive charm.Some events happen that teach the great lessons.Shake the intensity of the inner world.Turn a point of making crucial questions.Discover the purpose of your existence.Unleash your potential to the maximum.Live an astonishing experience.Begin the next year with a novel conscience.Let go of the useless and paralyzing things.A new life will emerge with luminescence.Live fullest as if it were your last day.Regrets will not haunt your mind and life someday | #Sothebys #VentureSIR

When the largest rough diamond in more than a hundred years comes up for auction, it will be the only lot on the block. And for good reason. First, at 1,109 carats and roughly the size of a tennis ball, this historic stone would make any other gem look uninteresting. Second, given that it has already been identified by the Gemological Institute of America as possessing the exceptional quality and transparency commonly associated with Type IIA diamonds, it might make other precious stones look a bit dull. With its extraordinary depth, this new rough is chemically the purest of all diamonds, part of a rare and much sought after subgroup that includes less than two per cent of all gem diamonds. So it stands with reason that the Lesedi La Rona, which means “Our Light” in Botswana’s Tswana language, will be a stand alone sale, not to mention what we call the “find of a lifetime.” For sale on June 29, 2016. Estimated to sell at $78,000,000 | #Sothebys #VentureSIR

Home to some of the industry’s most prominent technological titans, Washington State’s “Silicon Forest” is ever-growing. “Techies” currently make up nearly 10% of Seattle’s workforce. These workers represent a large share of employment migration that translates to increased housing demand from a demographic that makes an average of $130K annually. Thus it is no surprise that industry growth transcends economic impact and is found in the area’s luxury homes, which embody modern styles that incorporate technological innovation and milestones in “green” living. Located in Seattle, WA. Offered at $2,250,000 | #Sothebys #VentureSIR